Our pastors have expressed their desire and God’s vision for My Father’s House outreach business ministry. My Father’s House Church internet Christian 24/7 I-WIN TV network and WE-WIN radio broadcasting networks. These internet stations will be able to outreach worldwide in every country around the world, and because of its anointed impact; our Pastor José has already placed God at the head of the conference table for, My Father’s House outreach business ministry.


Our marketing production team will assist in creating media slots in advertisement campaigns for broadcasting TV & radio needs for capitol outreach and full time employment.


These ads will be posted through daily programing on everything about the church Jesus, declare’ s “On this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”.  The rock meaning “GOD’s WORD”.


Pastor has been teaching us about doing the business of God in heaven, that God has a blueprint on doing heaven’s and earth’s business, that’s just his beginning. God’s employment record of souls on his payroll is endless. Let’s just say if Abraham was to count all the stars in the sky and all the sands of the earth it will probably give him numbers so long no man can count. For God that just one fraction of his employees.


We are blessed in doing some business among some of the world’s wealthiest business folks. W have been taught the businessman side of doing business that is now only used for the house of GOD, our choice which house.


Satan has his style and boys to create entertainment for the world and God has his style, "yea boyz" to create entertainment for the world.    

What were able to do is teaching other memberss of My Father House how to create business in the entertainment industry threw the broadcasting networks of God’s companies I- Win TV network for TV


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