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"OSK" stands for On-Screen Keyboard. The word keyboard in the name does not necessarily mean that this program is for people who use keyboards. Rather, it just means that the program is for people who have Microsoft Windows Operating System with this version of OSK.exe component. Microsoft OSK.exe allows people to read, enter or edit text on screen. It's not a standalone program. It's an add-in of Microsoft Windows Operating System and it is not a program that can be started separately from Microsoft Windows Operating System. So, it's an add-in for people who have Microsoft Windows Operating System. The genuine osk.exe file for Windows is from Microsoft Corporation. It is made up of components, including,,,, and. Virus Alert  There is a virus warning (false alarm) for this file. This is due to an error in a signature program of Virus Alert. File history Version history See also Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard Microsoft Windows References External links osk.exe version history at Windows Message File Category:Microsoft Windows security software Category:Microsoft Officepackage com.didichuxing.doraemonkit.kit.utils import android.content.Context import android.content.ContextWrapper import import import android.view.View import com.didichuxing.doraemonkit.kit.utils.GlideApp import com.nhaarman.mockito_kotlin.mock import com.nhaarman.mockito_kotlin.whenever import org.junit.Assert.assertEquals import org.junit.Test import org.junit.runner.RunWith import org.robolectric.RobolectricTestRunner import org.robolectric.RuntimeEnvironment import org.robolectric.annotation.Config /** * Created by didi on 2016/12/3. */ @Config(manifest = Config.NONE, sdk = 21) @RunWith(RobolectricTestRunner::class) class ResourcesUtilTest { private lateinit var resources: Resources




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